Supermodel Kate Moss Turns 50

Kate Moss celebrated a huge milestone as she rung in her 50th birthday joking she was in 'denial', but the fashionista has turned back the years.

Supermodel Kate Moss Turns 50

British supermodel Kate Moss has turned 50. South London born Moss was scouted by a leading model agent at 14, and began appearing in magazines and commercials at 16. 

Kate Moss was discovered in JFK airport, slumped over a check-in counter after three days of standbys. 

A firm favourite of the fashion bible Vogue, she is still as revered as one of Vogue’s favourite cover stars. She has appeared on more than 40 covers of British Vogue. Her likeness was also cast into an 18kt gold statue for an exhibition at the British Museum in 2008 and the artist Lucien Freud sought out the model as muse

“She was just this cocky kid from Croydon,” recalled photographer Corinne Day, who captured Moss for her first Vogue cover in March 1993 during an interview with Vogue. “She wasn’t like a model… but I knew she was going to be famous.”

From giving up alcohol and big nights out to launching her own wellness brand to rival Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop and juice fasts, Moss has turned her life around from being fashion's wild child to wellness guru. 

During the nineties and early noughties, Kate was known for emerging from clubs looking bleary-eyed with a cigarette permanently dangling from her lips as part of the Primrose Hill set. She gave up alcohol for good back in 2017. 

Kate Moss was also famously dubbed 'Cocaine Kate' when she was photographed snorting the substance in 2005. In recent years Kate opts for a healthier approach with less cigarettes.

An iconic moment in Kate's modelling career was when she took to the Louis Vuitton in 2011 with a cigarette in hand on No Smoking Day.

In recent years Kate opts for a healthier approach, telling NBC's Megyn Kelly in 2018: 'I go to bed, I drink lots of water, not too much coffee, and I'm trying to cut down on cigarettes.'