Pay for Your Honda Car Instantly with HBL Mobile!

Press Release

Pay for Your Honda Car Instantly with HBL Mobile!
HBL enables its customers to pay for their Honda cars directly using HBL Mobile! The Bank is at the forefront of digitalizing financial services in Pakistan through its technology driven initiatives. Digital payments adoption, especially through mobile apps and wallets have been growing at a very fast pace across Pakistan.

Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited aspires to expand the horizons to provide customer convenience through its numerous products, which can now be realized through digital payments directly from HBL Mobile.

“Purchasing a car is not just a matter of convenience in Pakistan, a household brand name such as Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited enables consumers to lock in value, while servicing customer needs for years to come. Enabling car purchases through HBL Mobile without the need to visit the bank branch will thus prove to be a milestone for the customers looking to invest in their future with a new purchase” said Mr. Amir Nazir, General Manager- Sales & Marketing, Honda Atlas Cars Limited.

Commenting on this partnership, Aamir Irshad, Head Corporate, Commercial & Investment Banking - HBL, said: “Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited has been dealing with HBL for a long time, and Honda is a premier brand in the market. HBL and Honda take great pride in facilitating customers with convenience, security and reliability by enabling them to use digital channels to make these payments. This is a first for Pakistan’s digital payments landscape, and we are proud to be partnering with Honda.”