No Stance On 'Private Citizen' Imran Khan: US State Dept

No Stance On 'Private Citizen' Imran Khan: US State Dept
The US State Department has said that it has no stance on former prime minister Imran Khan since he is a "private citizen".

Spokesperson Matthew Miller made the remarks during a regular news briefing on Thursday afternoon.

Miller was asked by media persons about the directions to the news outlets to "not mention Mr. Khan's name" in the bulletins and talk shows.

In his response, the spokesperson said Imran Khan "is a private citizen, and the US government does not have a stance [on private citizens]."

"So, would you like to say something about the public's right to access information?" another journalist asked while referring to the freedom of the press.

Miller responded, "I would say that we generally urge all governments to respect the role of journalists and media. We believe the press performs a critical function in democratic societies."

He then added, "We expect that journalists covering the events in Pakistan should all be allowed to do their work."

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When asked about the stance on the PTI chief , he said, "He [Imran] is a private citizen. We don't generally have stances towards private (citizens)."

Earlier this month, Imran told PBS News he wanted the United States to talk about ethics and moral values in Pakistan the same way it did with China, Russia and Hong Kong. He beseeched the US to stand with the Constitution, rule of law, human rights and against "state violence" in Pakistan.

Also, in May, he allegedly sought congresswoman Maxine Waters' help to highlight the 'unprecedented' crackdown against his party in Pakistan.

In the purported audio, he pressed the Democrat to 'issue a statement', saying it goes a long way when 'someone like you speaks out'.

The former ruling party met a severe backlash over its May 9 vandalism of the sensitive government and military installations.