PM Keeps Up Invective Against Opposition Leaders, Calls People To Capital To 'Stand With The Truth'

PM Keeps Up Invective Against Opposition Leaders, Calls People To Capital To 'Stand With The Truth'
Prime Minister Imran Khan called on supporters to get to Islamabad to “stand with the truth” on the 27th of March, when the ruling party plans a rally outside the National Assembly to coincide with voting on the no-confidence motion against him. Speaking to a rally in Swat, the Prime Minister urged supporters to show the world that they “are against these thieves, bandits, hypocrites and slaves of America" - referring to opposition leaders.

The PM claimed that the money of the people of Sindh was loaded into sacks and being brought to Islamabad to buy MNAs. "People's conscience is being auctioned,” he said.

Unleashing a barrage of invective against opposition leaders, the Prime Minister expressed his view that if a nation of 100 hyenas were to be led by a lion, it could win; but that a nation of 100 lions led by Nawaz Sharif would lose.

He also took aim at PDM chief and JUI-F leader Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman, referring to the latter’s allegations against himself. "But the person who is accused of being part of the Jewish lobby has gotten a resolution against Islamophobia passed in the United Nations," Khan said.

The PM said that Muslim leaders appreciated his efforts at the UN:

"I have been receiving congratulations from leaders across the Muslim world after the UN passed the resolution to mark 15 March as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia," he stated.

The political situation in the country has been growing increasingly tense, as the opposition PDM’s supporters are expected to arrive in the federal capital on the 25th of March, while the ruling party plans its show of strength for the 27th, one day before the National Assembly vote on the motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister.