Shahbaz Gill Shares Video Of Paid Actor Claiming She’s A Genuine PTI Supporter

Shahbaz Gill Shares Video Of Paid Actor Claiming She’s A Genuine PTI Supporter
Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Communication Dr Shahbaz Gill has been caught attempting to falsely present a 'social media paid actor' as a supporter of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) who has been shown defending Prime Minister Imran Khan in two separate videos he shared on social media.

The woman in the interview has reportedly appeared in multiple pro-PTI videos shared on social media.

Posting the video to his Twitter account, Shahbaz Gill captioned "This is the daughter of this nation. This is intellectual freedom. I wish our great intellectuals could come out of their hatred and see this and be able to think."

In the video, the woman tells the interviewer that Imran Khan is the country's only hope, as the previous leaders were all 'thieves'. She goes on to say there is no longer any poverty or hunger in Pakistan.

In response, many on social media called out the SAPM on Political Communication for purportedly trying to falsely represent a paid political ad as an authentic interview.

"This's third time she's been seen with this interviewer. Nice propagative script but every irrelevant got so relevant as soon as no-confidence motion is submitted" wrote one social media user.

Several on social media shared an earlier video with the same woman.

"Fiza (overseas Pakistani) and Shiza (local Pakistani) both support PTI" joked another social media user, referring to a popular Pakistani television drama.

The PTI has made the dissemination of fake news one of their main rallying cries, often claiming that foreign forces are attempting to infiltrate Pakistani media with misinformation. Earlier this year, President Arif Alvi promulgated amendments to the Prevention of Elect­ronic Crimes Act (PECA), ostensibly in an attempt to stop the sharing of fake news on social media.