Your Weekly Tarot Forecast Is Here

Your Weekly Tarot Forecast Is Here
Gather around friends, we’re about to take a look into what this week might possibly bring for you. Every week The Friday Times’ resident astrologer will be pulling one card for each of the three major areas of your life: Self, Love and Career. Here’s what the week of Monday October 17 has in store for you.


Have you been wanting to embark on a mission of soul searching lately, reader? Because if so, this card could signify success in that area. In regards to one's own self, this card represents finding your inner balance and harmony. You might be faced with a choice, and don't be fooled: it's a major decision you're being called on to make. Resist the temptation to take the easy way out and make sure you evaluate who you really are and what you want out of life before taking a decision.


The strength card is a very positive card for anyone experiencing a challenging situation. If you have felt like you’ve been embroiled in a conflict with someone you love, the strength card means that you will be victorious and triumphant in your battles. The card depicts a woman petting a lion, which is typically a ferocious animal but the woman has calmed and tamed the beast with her positive nature and kindness. This card tells you to persevere and to not lose heart, and to not give in to anger or grief. Your warm disposition and inner strength will make all your challenges dissipate. Happy days are coming.


More good news. Things are looking sunny in terms of your career. The Sun is a wonderful card to get as it depicts entering a period of good fortune, harmony and joy. A smiling infant wearing a flower crown is seen riding on a white horse with sunflowers in the background, as a bright yellow sun shines in the background. What could be a happier picture than that? You might finally be getting that job you’ve always wanted, or a promotion, or recognition and appreciation for the work that you’re doing. Just keep manifesting your ultimate career goal, and watch as the stars align to make it happen.