12 Passengers, 2 Crew Members Dead As Plane Crashes In Brazil’s Amazon

‘The passengers were Brazilians traveling to the region for sport fishing’

12 Passengers, 2 Crew Members Dead As Plane Crashes In Brazil’s Amazon

A plane accident in the Amazon on Saturday claimed the lives of up to 14 people; there were no survivors, according to Brazilian media after the tragedy was verified by the state governor.

Twelve passengers and two crew members perished in the disaster, which happened in the popular tourist resort of Barcelos in the north, according to Governor Wilson Lima's social media post.

According to news site G1, the aircraft was an 18-passenger, twin-engine turboprop EMB-110 made by Brazilian aviation manufacturer Embraer.

It was reported to be traveling the approximately 90-minute trip from Manaus, the state capital, to Barcelos.

It is surrounded by a number of national parks and other protected areas and is situated on the Rio Negro, a tributary of the Amazon.

According to state security secretary Vinicius Almeida, the passengers were Brazilians going to the area for pleasure fishing.

The accident occurred more than four months after an airplane accident that occurred in the Amazon's deep jungles and claimed the lives of at least three people, including a mother of surviving children who battled for more than a month to stay alive.

Tragically, the disaster claimed the lives of three humans, including the pilot and the children's mother, Magdalena Mucutuy, whose remains were discovered inside the aircraft.

The now 12-month-old infant, along with the four siblings, ages 13, 9, and 4, all survived the collision.

In reaction to their disappearance, a massive search and rescue effort, including military and neighborhood people, was started. In July, the survivors were ultimately saved.