Let's Not Label The Health Concerns With Gender

'Every gender should be allowed to maintain their physical health in the way they want'

Let's Not Label The Health Concerns With Gender

Gender equality is to cut the cake into three portions, one for each gender, rather than wait for the gender to come and demand his piece, and if it doesn’t come, then let the whole cake be yours. This is crucial to understanding the importance of equal division on the basis of social, political, emotional, and healthcare issues. All sectors deserve equal contributions from all human beings, regardless of their gender, class, or other labels. Each aspect of life is smoothed out by having equal responsibilities and rights. Gender is just limited to the physical aspect and not applicable to the intellectual, emotional, or social basis.

Mostly, gender inequality proceeds on the basis of capabilities, physical strength, and childcare. Health is the primary need of every human being. When the first man was created, he was commanded to eat whatever pleased him, and the first sin that took place was also because of his lust for food. Even the first man was ordered to take care of all the things, including the fruits and vegetables, and he was placed in a beautiful garden full of delicious items. So health is a basic necessity from the very beginning. Even when they were punished, the punishment was also physical, as the female was asked to birth to a baby with labor, and the man was punished to do work and sweat his blood to earn bread. So physical health is always a priority for all genders.

There are some patriarchal issues that need to be discussed to put emphasis on health regarding biased behaviors towards different genders. Each and every person needs to be strong enough to be healthy. Health includes physical strength, emotional awareness, and mental peace. Physical health is the main priority, which is the topic of discussion now. Everyone needs to be fit as a fiddle to maintain his daily routine and is answerable to the Almighty God for his body parts afterward. So everyone needs to have a healthy lifestyle. For that purpose, the division of food should be done accordingly. To feed men more and girls less doesn’t fulfill the criteria of equality, as both need strength and a good diet. Both should be physically and mentally strong. Allowing males to go to the gym and asking females to stay at home is the violence of equality. To ask males to ride a bicycle and to ask females to play with dolls makes a difference in their lives as well. To ask the males to eat more and the girls to eat less, as they are only responsible for house chores, damages the grace of equality. If something is good and healthy for one gender, then it’s equally beneficial for the other gender as well, regardless of the hormonal issues.

Health encompasses the whole spectrum of personality. If someone is fed properly, without any discrimination, then his personality will also develop similarly. Not only does food matter, but the way someone gets it into his stomach also has an effect on a person’s health. All genders should be allowed to maintain their physical health the way they want. If something is harmful to one gender, then it's harmful to the other as well. Both need to maintain a sound body and a sound mind. We don’t have the power to dictate to one gender regarding health and to loosen the scale for another gender. Both should be allowed to make their own decisions to do their best with their health structures. Let’s not label the health concerns by gender.