Such Gup

Such Gup

Smoking the peace pipe

You’ll never guess who’s cozying up these days! None other than the late lamented Big Ben’s Hubby and the former head honcho of the Invisible Soldiers Inc., he of the famous, failed dharna. Our mole reports the ice was broken in the Arab Emirate recently, where Hubby is currently ensconced. Many a “misunderstanding” was ironed out, we hear, and the peace pipe was smoked. The former head honcho gave vent to a massive mea culpa, we hear, and laid all his sins of commission and omission at his leadership’s door. The matter of Dr A, Hubby’s pal who’s currently in hot water, was also discussed. And many crocodile tears were shed on how a former “asset” could have been meted out this treatment. Apparently, Dr A was as cozy with the former head honcho as he was with Hubby and the Quaid-e-Qiwam. Obviously, the current crop, under the leadership of General Bobby, doesn’t share the former head honcho’s worldview.

New best friends

Talking of new best friends, reliable sources say The Great Khan’s ex’s ex and he have met and talked about a possible collaboration. If truth be told, The Great Khan is reluctant to collaborate with his predecessor, because it’s catering to the lowest denominator, but on the other hand, The Khan is wary of what our former bhabi’s revelatory television program is going to entail. For the moment, The Khan has rebuffed bhabi’s ex and his request to join the party and to use that platform to attack her. We hear The Khan has firmly refused bhabi’s ex’s request to hold a party-sponsored press conference, in which all sorts of accusations will be traded. Let’s hope better sense prevails and a modicum of dignity is salvaged on all sides.

Periodic eruptions

As we've seen, the gent who ministers to our interior is given to periodic eruptions, as well he might because he is a staunch critic of the lack of democracy within The Man of Steel's camp. We hear he is opposed to a division of the spoils within the family and disagrees with the notion of dynastic politics. On the other hand, many party stalwarts say there is no agreement in The Man's group on successors from outside the dynasty. Sigh, sniff, sob. Our democracy has a long way to go!