AFP Journalists Hold Rally For Blocked Gaza Colleagues

The demonstration was organized by AFP´s management, with unions and the Journalists´ Association (SDJ).

AFP Journalists Hold Rally For Blocked Gaza Colleagues

AFP journalists around the world held demonstrations on Wednesday to demonstrate solidarity with nine colleagues in Gaza, with agency chiefs urging Israel to safeguard their safety and allow them to leave the war-torn area.

Journalists and other AFP staff in Paris and AFP bureaus across the world gathered with photographs of Gaza colleagues who have been unable to leave since Hamas' attacks on Israel on October 7.

The AFP management organized the demonstration in collaboration with unions and the Journalists' Association (SDJ).

"The AFP newsroom wanted to express its wholehearted support for our Gaza colleagues who are working in dire conditions and are constantly under threat of bombardment," said Phil Chetwynd, AFP's Global News Director, in a statement.

"We are humbled by their professionalism and commitment to do their jobs to the very best of their abilities," Chetwynd said.

"Not only are they trying to report on the story around them, they are also having to seek food and shelter for their families as the humanitarian situation becomes more desperate every day."

AFP staff in Gaza include journalists Mahmud Hams, Yahya Hassouna, Bilal al-Sabbagh, Mohammed Abed, Saïd Khatib, Adel Zaanounn, Mai Yaghi, technician Ahmed Eissa, and office manager Mohanad Shahwan. The crew also comprises Youssef Hassouna, a freelance cinematographer, and Zuhair Abuatila, an administrator.