Punjabi Singer Malkoo Barred From Travelling Abroad

Malkoo was scheduled to perform at several concerts across the UK.

Punjabi Singer Malkoo Barred From Travelling Abroad

Liaqat Malik, a British-Pakistani businessman, claimed to have lost over £200,000 because the famed singer Malkoo, Muhammad Ashraf Malik, was stopped from leaving Pakistan on Eid to perform at various performances Malik had organized in the United Kingdom. 

Malik had engaged the renowned Punjabi singer Malkoo to perform in London and elsewhere beginning June 19, 2024, but Malkoo was not allowed to board a plane at the Lahore airport on Sunday (June 16) and again on Monday (June 17). 

Vocalist Sara Altaf was also meant to accompany Malkoo on the tour; however, she did not travel to the UK since the tour was cancelled. 

Malkoo, speaking on a private news channel, stated he had no idea why his name had been placed on the exit control list (ECL).

"I've sang songs for everyone. The entire country adores me for my singing. The airport personnel were very kind and informed me that I was on the stop list. I've sung several songs, but Nak Da Koka was a tremendous hit. It's just occurred. I respect everyone. I would request that the authorities look into my situation and allow me to fly. This type of discrimination is not acceptable." 

Malik also invited PTI leader Sher Afzal Marwat, who was allowed to fly and arrived in London on Monday afternoon. He spoke at a news conference with Liaqat Malik at Heathrow Airport and decried the action against Malkoo, which resulted in the cancellation of shows.

According to Marwat, the authorities have reached a new low by preventing Malkoo from performing in the UK. 

"Many people in the UK have had a spoiled Eid." Malkoo has the right to perform for anyone. There are singers who have performed for politicians of all political parties, and there is nothing wrong with it. It is unfortunate that a performer has been punished in this manner." 

Marwat urged the authorities to permit Malkoo to travel overseas.