"We can disagree with Asma's political opinions but nobody can deny her determination and efforts to support democracy, rights of oppressed women and minorities and her commitment to Jinnah's vision" The Friday Times, Plot No 52-53, N-Block, Main Guru Mangat ...


Not another irrational cult


The obscenity on social media and their vicious comments about Asma Jahangir sends tremors up your spine. Some of them are based on her criticism of Imran Khan, as if he were a cult, not a political public figure who can and should be criticised. The contradiction is that these same individuals sing praises of Ayub Khan who had no hesitation in calling Fatima Jinnah an American and Indian agent. It was also this general who chose to get this country involved in SEATO and CENTO pacts and then scuttling perhaps last chance to free Kashmir from Indian occupation in 1962. These individuals forget that almost every close associate of Quaid-i-Azam, be it his personal physician Dr Elahi or Maulvi Tamizuddin, were harassed by his regime.

We can disagree with Asma’s political opinions but nobody can deny her determination and efforts to support democracy, rights of oppressed women and minorities and her commitment to Jinnah’s vision of a modern, democratic welfare state where every individual could practice their faith without fear and were united under Pakistan, enjoying equal rights. Like her father Malik Ghulam Jillani, she opposed extremism and fundamentalism of Zia’s regime. Tolerance for dissent is vital for a healthy welfare state that Jinnah wanted to create. She opposed military dictators and conflicts of interest of every paid or elected public office holder, be they civil or uniformed, which is what Jinnah had publicly elaborated. Of course like all those who work on a wide horizon, she committed numerous mistakes which we can disagree with. She may not be an angel but was far better than many who criticize her. Rest in peace Asma Jahangir.

Aneela Chandio,


Health sector of Balgather


Balgathar is one of the most populous areas in Makran but unfortunately, the people who live here are deprived of many fundamental rights. A hospital is considered an essential facility which should be available to every citizen. People who live here have to travel long distances to seek medical aid for minor ailments. This is a shameful situation for those leaders get people’s votes on the promise of these facilities. We are looking forward to a new government which will work towards solving the problems of Balgathar.

Shahnaz Gulab Ali,


Child abuse


The shocking rape and murder of little Zainab has once again exposed failure of the government. Every year, millions of children from our country suffer abuse and sexual assault. It seems that the government does not care about the children of this country and is bent on destroying their lives. Hanging the culprit will not solve the problem. The government has to work very hard for the safety of children. Very few cases of child sexual abuse and assault are reported but we cannot deny that it exists in our society. Every one - whether it is a teacher, a parents or a government official - has to play a role in tackling this menace and eliminating it from the society.

Mujahid Zahid,


Dual nationalities


Irrespective of the justifications of this move by USA and European countries, Pakistan faces a threat of economic sanctions and tough times, if it is placed on Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) watch list. It is time steps are taken to eliminate the opulent lifestyles of elected and paid civil or uniformed public office holders at state expense and enforce tax collection. Where else in world are there schemes where multiple expensive real estate properties are allotted to those who are paid to perform assigned tasks and where over 60 percent of the population lives below the poverty line, devoid of health, education and safe drinking water?

The purpose of self-government by transparently-elected representative stands defeated if public office holders have split loyalties, having sworn an oath of allegiance to another country and relocated their families and assets there. If the Gulf and the Middle East were to offer nationalities to Pakistanis, almost 80 percent of those holding important assignments would be holding their nationality, instead of an Iqama.

Pakistan continues to be an ideal country for tax evasion, where black money and corruption thrives and laws exist to facilitate transfer of money to foreign countries with unending amnesty schemes. What else can you expect if the State Bank, the National Bank, Federal Board of Revenue, customs, senior bureaucracy, and major state-owned statutory organisations are dominated by individuals holding dual nationalities and who will definitely transfer their legally and illegally acquired wealth to foreign shores where their families reside.

Malik Tariq,


Libraries in Balochistan


It is a commonly known truth the libraries play a gigantic role in the progress of a nation. What should we say about Balochistan, then, where there is no major public library. Millions of people all over the world benefit from libraries everyday but we cannot say the same of the people of Balochistan. Libraries provide a clam atmosphere for education to students seeking knowledge of any type. I request the Education Department to provide libraries to the people of Turbat.

Sadia M. Anwer,