Climate Change: A War Of Existence

With natural disasters taking place globally, the question arises why aren't global leaders taking climate change more seriously?

Climate Change: A War Of Existence

The world should have to be ready to fight this insurmountable war of climate change which is not only be limited to any particular boundary or state but the impacts are felt globally. 

Unfortunately, climate change is not getting as much attention which needed to be. The war mongering mindset which is responsible for the conflicts and the capitalist approach which leads to the more and more industrialization have captured the focus of all global leaders. The protection of the environment is too abstract for them to understand. 

Climate change is not a problem which we can afford to left behind for the future but it is affecting millions of lives already. This anthropogenic disaster is threatening our existence and demanding our attention but sadly, our priorities are different as we are unable to understand the situation.

In today’s industrialized world the burning of fossil fuels is playing a hazardous role by influencing and generating extreme weather patterns. The greenhouse emissions of different gases are worsening the condition. The temperature is increasing above the normal levels which causes the enhancement of global warming and heat waves. 

Underground water levels are decreasing. It is impacting the world socially and economically. It is creating health crisis as for many people underground water is the only source of pure drinking water . The lower underground levels is forcing the people to drink unclean water which is creating health concerns. Climate change is the main reasons behind the draughts as well.

Smog which is a mixture of hydrocarbons, sulphur, nitrogen and other gases also creating health concerns for masses. Factories release smoke of dangerous gases which are polluting the air. After the cultivation of the crops farmers burn the waste which makes the situation even worse. 

In the world Air Quality Index, South Asian cities are topping the table. Lahore is on the top in worst air quality. According to the reports the air quality of Lahore is so poisonous that the average age of the citizens of Lahore is decreasing 7 years annually.

Flood is another disaster which occurs by climate change. Under- developing countries like Pakistan are badly affecting from the floods. According to some reports, the floods of 2023 cost $30 Billion to the already economically struggling Pakistan. 

Rich states can afford these crisis but the poor countries are the main victims. Eco anxiety is developing among the peoples of under-developing states as governments are unable to help them. 

Due to climate change, glaciers are melting quickly, heavy rain falls and Tsunamis or over flowing of rivers are the main reasons behind the floods. Every year thousands of people losing their lives including their investments of billions of dollars including homes and lands.  

The rise in temperature causes snow to melt and unseasonal rains causes overflowing of the rivers. Due to such treacherous disasters, people of underdeveloped countries are unable to overcome the financial losses.

The world should acknowledge the fact that climate change is not a myth but a harsh reality. The effects of these tremendous events are not only limited to the humans but is also affecting the biodiversity of our planet. Biodiversity of earth is very important for humans as well to maintain the balance of life but the wild fires are destroying it very intensely. 

The adaption and implementation of proper policy against climate change by all the states is greatly needed. All states must have to do collective work as its not possible for the individuals to overcome from such situation.

The UNFCCC is doing some good work but the climate injustice is creating division among the states. The 21st century is an era of industrialization for which states are promoting deforestation for the industry and housing. Even the Amazon forest which holds what are referred to as ‘the lungs’ of the earth is shrinking due to deforestation. Poor countries are forced to pay for the deeds of rich ones through climate injustice.

Some countries which produces less amount of carbon dioxide are suffering more than rich countries who produce large amount of gases. They should understand sooner or later they are also going to be the victims of such situation. 

The UN can play important role in this regard by forcing all to countries to provide funds for the poor ones to overcome the natural disasters. There should be the plantation drives and insurance of food and water security to minimize the aftermaths of climate disasters. Nuclear power plants should be limited and the electricity should be generated by other means. Governments should apply cap and trade methods on the industries to reduce the production of greenhouse gases. They should facilitate tech companies for the generation of electric cars to reduce the usage of fuel. 

It is high time for us to accept the fatal consequences of climate change and to act wisely otherwise it will be too late to act.