Awkward Moment For Prime Minister As Pakistani Delegate Recites Poem Critical of His Government In Dushanbe

Prime Minister Imran Khan experienced an awkward moment in Dushanbe when a member of Pakistan’s delegation started reciting poetry critical of Khan and his government.

Khalid Amin, vice chancellor of Indus University and part of the Pakistani businessmen delegation, started reciting his critical poem the during question-and-answer session of Pakistan-Tajikistan Business Forum.

Prime Minister Imran Khan interrupted him while he was reciting the poem, and said only business-related matters were being discussed, and a poetry session can follow later.

Following the incident, the business community delegation, which accompanied Prime Minister Imran Khan on the two-day visit to Tajikistan, denounced the ‘inappropriate’ act of Khalid Amin.

Business leaders, including Patron Chief of Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association (PFVA) Waheed Ahmed, demanded carrying out an inquiry as to how Amin was made part of the delegation.

The PFVA chief also condemned Amin’s act on Twitter and announced his disassociation with the Indus University VC.

He said that the delegates and hosts of the seminar were also taken aback by the inappropriate act that turned the business forum environment unpleasant.

Ahmed said that all the members of the business community who participated in the event expressed their displeasure and condemned such behavior.

The members of business community have urged the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant departments to carry out background checks, including examining political affiliation before selecting delegates for international trips.

“At a time when change in Afghanistan is opening up new possibilities for Pakistan in the region, especially in the Central Asian states, the behavior of Khalid Amin has given a very bad impression,” the PFVA chief tweeted.