US Vows To Work In 'Closer Cooperation' With Pakistan's New Govt

US Vows To Work In 'Closer Cooperation' With Pakistan's New Govt
The United Status has expressed the desire to 'work closely' with Pakistan's new government on the outstanding national and international issues. US State Department spokesperson issued a statement in this regard on Tuesday.

Spokesperson of the US State Department Ned Price said, “We view Pakistan as an important stakeholder and important partner with whom we are engaging and have engaged as we work together to bring about an Afghanistan that is more stable, is more secure, is more prosperous, and importantly an Afghanistan that respects the basic and fundamental rights of its people, all of its people, including its minorities, its women, its girls."
With former prime minister Imran Khan's allegation of a 'foreign conspiracy' aimed at a regime changed levelled against the US, many wondered what the future of US-Pak relations will be. However, the State Department's statement indicates the US may be willing to ignore what the former PM had been saying about the administration.
Former Prime Minister had also mentioned a letter to prove that the US government was supporting the no-trust motion against him and that the then opposition parties had collaborated with the country to bring him down. He had also levelled allegations of 'treason' against the parties who were behind the no-trust motion, saying that the sold their souls to a foreign power and are therefore guilty of committing treason.
However, in a recent press conference, DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar said that the national security committee meeting did not discuss a foreign 'conspiracy', as earlier alleged by Imran Khan.

The State Department spokesperson said that the US relationship with Pakistan was important, adding that this coopeeration will continue with the new government.

“For almost 75 years, our relationship with Pakistan has been a vital one and we look forward to continuing that work with the new government in Pakistan across regional and international issues,” he said.