'Establishment, For Now, Can't Afford Imran's Return To Power'

'Establishment, For Now, Can't Afford Imran's Return To Power'
After Imran Khan's nearly four years in power, the establishment is convinced that chairman PTI chief isn't capable of handling the internal or external issues, and this is why they cannot afford the risk of bringing him back to power just yet, according to journalist Kamran Yousaf.

Yousaf told Khabar Say Aagay host Raza Rumi that there's nothing strange about the establishment's or Gen (retd) Bajwa's involvement in the appointment of judges.

According to him, the former general's words and actions don't match, and he has backtracked from the things that he did.

Speaking in the context of the election verdict, legal expert Haider Waheed opined that the contempt of court is not the real issue.

"The real question is about Shehbaz Sharif; he won't sacrifice his or Hamza Shehbaz' politics or PML-N's presidency," he added.

Waheed further said that the biggest challenge right now is to not let Imran back at the helm. If need be, both Shehbaz and Imran will do away with the law and the Constitution.

Murtaza Solangi said that the recent meeting took place on the invitation of the three-judge bench, and added that the security challenges had earlier been spoken about, to them.

While the former premier wants elections to be held in May at all costs, the ruling PDM has a different stance. According to them, the economic and security situation doesn't allow for the elections to take place at this time.

The SC had ruled that Punjab elections be held on May 14, but the visit by intelligence officials today is being seen as a move that may steer things towards a different direction and conclusion.

Analysts believe that CJ Bandial may review the election date in view of the fresh briefing given to him.

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