Photography in a Pandemic


Photography in a Pandemic
The accursed Covid 19 plague has put a damper on all outdoor activities. Even indoor social gatherings have been crossed off the calendar. But even with all these restrictions in place, one can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by indulging in a creative activity like photography.

But what to photograph? The newly enthused photographer feels like a fish out of water. There are no landscapes, no marriages, no get-togethers of family to capture some nice images and show off their skill on Facebook. Seems like a pretty bleak situation, doesn’t it?

But as they say “when the going gets tough the tough get ideas!” and so I make the perhaps startling statement that you have excellent photographic subjects right in your house or  your apartment complex. So, grab your camera and come along with me on a photographic journey that involves just a few yards of walking.

The first step is actually no step at all. Just stand still anywhere in your house and look around carefully. I guarantee that you will find objects that you never thought could be stuff that photographs are made of.

Once you have made a mental note of the objects of interest, check the available light. If it is daytime, look for rays of light coming through windows or from a crack in the door. Now combine the objects and the light, pick up your camera, find an interesting angle, shoot and shoot.

Go into the kitchen where someone is peeling or chopping onions, or a bowl of colorful fresh fruit waiting to be served – and voila! you have some very interesting pictures in the making. Every room in the house is a potential room of wonders. Take a picture of yourself taking a picture in a mirror and you will have a mysterious portrait. At night when the electrical lights are on, switch off all the lights but the lamp sitting by the sofa. Take a selfie with the light shining partially on your face and you may get a masterpiece worthy of framing. Flower pots or vases contain a blaze of colours waiting to be photographed as do birds perched up somewhere in the building.

Cats and dogs are ubiquitous in our country and will willingly pose for you.

Every object, if looked at with interest and care, can be turned into a work of art. The only limiting factor in all this is your own imagination. So, set it free and a thousand shutter clicks later you will have a veritable treasure of photographs that you would be rightfully proud of.