Nuggets from the Urdu press

Nuggets from the Urdu press

Final U-turn

It was reported by Daily Jang (01 July 2019) that the PML-N’s Ahsan Iqbal advised PM Imran Khan to make one more U-turn and go from the Prime Minister’s House back to Bani Gala – and that this would be in the best interests of the nation.

Fast Lane

Daily Jang (01 July 2019) reported that police and traffic authorities stood on the sidelines as “posh” areas of Lahore were once again taken over by groups of young motorcyclists. Bets worth thousands of rupees were laid on a 2-km motorcycle race.


Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry was quoted by Daily Jang (02 July 2019) as saying that Governor Sindh Imran Ismail was a wizard (jadugar) and that he could change the Sindh government as soon as PM Imran Khan gestures for him to do so.


The PTI’s Faisal Vawda, according to Daily Dunya (03 July 2019), claimed that nobody was as happy as Maryam Nawaz about the arrest of Rana Sanaullah. He went on to emphasize his view that criminals should not be spared, regardless of what party they belong to.


PM Imran Khan was quoted by Daily Dunya (04 July 2019) as saying that if the Sharif and Zardari families were to return even half of the money they had looted, Pakistan’s debt would be settled. The PM went on to say that they could now approach him through any king they wanted (jis marzi badshah se sifarish kara lein), or even massage his knees in entreaty (gutnay dabaa lein), but that he would not grant them an NRO.

Cutting losses

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed, according to Daily Express (04 July 2019), claimed that in nine months his ministry had reduced the Railways’ losses by Rs. 4 billion. He predicted that in the next 5 years, all the losses of the Railways would be eliminated.

Good news

CM Punjab Usman Buzdar, according to Daily Dunya (05 July 2019), stated that he was well aware of the people’s problems and that he addressed these as if they were his own problems. He emphasized his commitment to never deceive the people or engage in showmanship (showbazian). Further, he said that good times were knocking on the door (acha waqt darwazay par dastak de raha hai).

Give me freedom or...

Daily Dunya (05 July 2019) quoted the Chairman of the Pak Sarzamin Party (PSP) Mustafa Kamal as saying that until the dead dog is removed from the well, the water will not be clean. He stated further that his party would wait five years rather than pick up weapons – instead they would ask that they be given their rights or be shot (ya haqooq do ya goli maro).


Describing the government’s amnesty scheme as a success, Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, according to Daily Dunya (05 July 2019), stated that tough decisions would be made but that the weaker segments of society (kamzor tabqay) would be protected.

No connection

It was reported by Daily Jang (05 July 2019) that Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed he had nothing to do with the arrest of Rana Sanaullah. The PM further stated that a politics of revenge (intiqam ki siyasat) was not the ideology of the PTI.

Promises, promises...

Marriyum Aurangzeb of the PML-N was quoted by Daily Express (06 July 2019) as saying that PM Imran Khan had once again resorted to promises along the lines of “we will do it”, “it will be made”, “it will be done”, etc. (karein ge, banaein ge, dein ge, karoon ga, ho ga). She asked as to how long the PM would keep this up (Aakhir kab, aakhir kab, Imran sahib?). She claimed that the PM had not brought about a Billion Tree Tsunami in Pakistan, but a Billion Lies Tsunami instead.