Imran Khan Tenders Apology Again In Woman Judge Threatening Case

Imran Khan Tenders Apology Again In Woman Judge Threatening Case
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has apologized once more in the district and sessions court for threatening a woman Judge Zeba Chaudhry.

During today’s hearing, Imran Khan apologized in the court of Judicial Magistrate Malik Aman.

In April 2023, just a few months after being ousted, the former prime minister delivered a vehement speech addressed to the senior police officers in Islamabad and judge Chaudhry, vowing not to "spare" them for "torturing" his party leader Shahbaz Gill.

Imran Khan specifically mentioned Zeba Chaudhry’s name in threats during his campaign rally in Islamabad's F-9 Park.

During the hearing, the PTI chief insisted that he had apologized when he had earlier gone to female judge Zeba’s court.

From the rostrum, Khan addressed Judge Aman, saying, "I went to the court of the female judge and said that if my statement offended anyone, I apologize."

The PTI chairman entered the judge's courtroom almost a month after the threats were made and apologized. The female judge's chamber was nonetheless locked by the police, who also informed him that she was on leave.

To communicate his message to the judge and have a witness to his visit, Khan informed the court reader, "I have come to apologize to judicial magistrate Zeba Chaudhry."

The former prime minister insisted that, so far, he hasn't cracked a single pot.

Khan said, "I founded a political party for the supremacy of justice 27 years ago."

The former prime minister was the subject of a complaint under the Anti-Terrorism Act for threatening Judge Chaudhry and high-ranking Islamabad police officials at a rally in August of last year.