Such Gup

Such Gup

Out and about

A woman member of the Punjab Assembly has been in the news of late, on account of her free and easy banter on open lines in which she spilled the beans about the workings of the Party and The Great Khan’s inner sanctum. She was told off by The Great Khan thereafter, and stripped of an official responsibility. Undeterred, she continued to swan about the Assembly session (especially convened in a Lahore hotel) and that was fine except that she was also suffering from Coronavirus. Other members, who saw here milling around, freaked out and ran off to avoid her. It took a senior minister to go up to her and advise her to leave the session so that other people would not get infected.

God forbid!

A close aide of The Great Khan, the one who is said to have prematurely “liberated” a large group of pilgrims from their quarantine center on the Iran-Pakistan border and enabled them to spread their contagion all over the country, had an interesting take on the burgeoning of COVID19. He told the man who expressed alarm at the rapidity with which the disease was spreading in Pakistan, “we can live with a 100 dead per day”. Well, for his information, we crossed that figure a few days ago and while he and his ilk may be able to “live” with it, more and more Pakistanis are dying of it. Experts are predicting that the figure will go into the thousands per day soon, God forbid.

Talk of the town

It’s the talk of the town, that The Boyz have had it, and are planning an in-house change. Cynics disagree because they believe personal interests triumph over national interest time and again. Be that as it may, certain candidates’ names are being tossed about. Amongst these are A Sad Age and the Make Doom of Mull Town. Both have been rejected by the other hefty stakeholders, namely The Brothers Sharifov and the late lamented Big Ben’s Hubby. The Brothers will not accept A Sad Age, we hear, and Hubby has said a loud “no” to the Make Doom’s candidature. So, it’s back to the drawing board.