FIR Lodged Against Imran Khan, PTI Leaders Over Hooliganism Outside Islamabad Judicial Complex

FIR Lodged Against Imran Khan, PTI Leaders Over Hooliganism Outside Islamabad Judicial Complex
Islamabad police have registered a First Information Report (FIR) against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and other party leaders for hooliganism and violence outside the Islamabad judicial complex.

The former prime minister and 17 other PTI leaders were nominated in the first information report, which SHO Rashid of the Ramna police station filed.

The FIR also lists Ali Nawaz Awan, Aamir Mehmood Kayani, Asad Qaiser, Farrukh Habib, Asad Umar, Umar Ayub, Jamshed Mughal, Ali Amin Gandapur, Ehsan Khan Niazi, Mohammad Asim, and Shibli Faraz.

In addition, 38 demonstrators in total were held for damaging state property.

According to the FIR, PTI chief Imran Khan, along with his party leaders and workers, arrived at the G-11 Judiciary Complex at 3:30 p.m., and while there, the crowd threw stones at the police personnel.

The PTI workers surrounded the court complex from all sides and attempted to enter the property by smashing the gate, it added. According to the FIR, the party workers also surrounded and tormented the police officers, and they set fire to the sector G-11 police checkpoint.

An official car had a 9mm weapon, a wireless device, and Rs20,000 stolen from it. The demonstrators also seized 8 anti-riot kits from the policemen, according to the FIR.

The report also said that protestors set ablaze two government vehicles and seven motorcycles parked in the parking lot, adding that the protesters smashed 16 automobiles and four motorcycles outside the judicial complex with sticks and stones.

The case has provisions for terrorism, interfering with government affairs, harming both public and private property, and other offenses.

On Saturday, intense altercations between police and PTI workers broke out when Imran's convoy approached the judicial complex.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s vehicle was stopped only 100 meters from the gate of the judicial complex, as the police blamed party activists for blocking the way, while the PTI alleged that law enforcement was restricting Khan’s mobility.

The PTI chairman was unable to appear before the judge despite the conclusion of court hours.