'Imran Is Bullying Judiciary With Judiciary's Help'

'Imran Is Bullying Judiciary With Judiciary's Help'
The conduct of courts with regard to PTI points to double standards. The party's chairman enjoys support of a part of judiciary, of whom he is a favourite. He is using it to bully judiciary, says Muzamal Suharwardy.

Earlier yesterday, Additional District and Sessions Judge Zafar Iqbal cancelled the arrest warrants issued for Imran in the Toshakhana reference and summoned him for a hearing in the case on March 30.

Issuing the verdict, the judge also postponed the former premier’s indictment in the case, related to the non-declaration of proceeds of the foreign gifts meant for state repository.

Earlier, judge Iqbal allowed Imran to return from the Judicial Complex after he marked attendance from his car, hours after his arrival for the hearing.

Intense clashes were reported from the complex in Islamabad as Imran arrived for his indictment at the complex.

"I'm quite sure the LHC will put IG and CCPO in the witness-stand and handcuff them," the analyst told Khabar Say Aagay host Murtaza Solangi, on Saturday.

He added that the events of the day could be brought down to one point: Imran Khan didn't let himself be indicted.

It has also been proved that the former premier can't be arrested even if the warrants are out for him, he maintained.

"Third, he has the support of a part of the judiciary; LHC is extending full support to him, while IHC isn't," Suharwardy said.

Commenting on today's event, he asked if the commoners are allowed as well to mark attendance from their vehicles when they appear for a hearing.

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It is time to decide as to what will remain supreme in the country: populism or the supremacy of the law, the analyst said.

Azaz Syed noted that Imran Khan has made it a routine to carry an entourage with him to use them as a shield and pressure the judiciary.

The investigative journalist said, "Police wants to avoid loss of lives and Imran takes advantage of this."

There are two ways to bring him peacefully to a court: there should be a ban on bringing the workers to court, and secondly, his arrest and subsequent trial in the court.

Afzal Sayal said that all encroachment at Zaman Park has been removed today. Some 60 supporters put up resistance, while one of them fired at police. Petrol bombs were thrown at them today as well.

"Police held some 60 workers and recovered arms and stones from the house in the presence of media."

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