Imran 'Directs Nation' To Reach Rawalpindi On November 26

Imran 'Directs Nation' To Reach Rawalpindi On November 26
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Saturday directed the nation to reach Islamabad on November 26.

The PTI supremo said supporters will find him in their midst there. His mesage, he said, was not just aimed at his party but the entire nation. "The time is ripe to bring about a change," Khan said. The PTI chief said he will deliver an address there where further directives will be handed down. "Our struggle is unstoppable," Khan said.

The PTI chief said the governing coalition had unleashed the worst kind of state tyranny on those affiliated with him. This kind of tyranny, he said, had not even been unleased when former president Pervez Musharraf had imposed martial law.

Khan said free-and-fair elections were the only remedy for the challenges confronting the nation. "Let the nation converge in Islamabad. Together, we will demand free-and-fair elections there, he said.

Star journalist Najam Sethi earlier said on Friday that Khan had been informed of his efforts having come to naught. Neither would his long march amount to much nor will his favourite be named army chief.

The TFT editor said the PTI chief’s popularity had been declining in line with developments going against him and his changing narrative. Sethi said the long march will not proceed to Islamabad. It, he said, will conclude in Rawalpindi where Khan will announce how interlocutors had been finalised and negotiations were underway.