You Lose Peshawar, You Lose Pakistan: Kamran Khan Warns PM Imran

You Lose Peshawar, You Lose Pakistan: Kamran Khan Warns PM Imran
Senior anchor Kamran Khan has said that the biggest proof of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government's unpopularity is that they have lost the local government polls from Peshawar. "If you lose Peshawar, you lose Pakistan," he added.

Khan released a video message on his Twitter account and added that these results were out 9 months ago. He said that he had predicted this [result] in March, but his advice to PM Imran Khan fell on deaf ears.

Addressing the prime minister, Kamran Khan said, "I have always supported you and thought of your benefit while encouraging your government. But today I am representing the views of Pakistani citizens [who are disappointed in you]."

He added that Imran Khan should do whatever it takes to resolve the issue of inflation in the country. Criticising the Punjab government, he said that the failure of the Buzadar administration was evident. Kamran Khan said that the PM should know that every supporter of the ruling party is surprised by Chief Minister Usman Buzdar's performance. He said that the prime minister must fire the Punjab chief minister and introduce a new and energetic team in the province.

He claimed that almost all bureaucrats around the PM are unhappy with his principle secretary Azam Khan, adding that the PM should replace him.