CM Elahi In Trouble As No-Trust Motion Looms

CM Elahi In Trouble As No-Trust Motion Looms
Pervez Elahi could find it difficult to retain Punjab's chief ministership as the opposition's no-trust motion looms.

Elahi requires 180 votes to win the confidence of the House. Among 371 members, he may have the support of 180 members from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and 10 from Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid.

On the other hand, the ruling alliance in Punjab Assembly has the support of 190 lawmakers.

Among the opposition's alliance are 167 members of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, seven of Pakistan People's Party, five independent candidates, and one representing the Rah-e-Haq party.

Speaker Sibtain Khan has barred 18 PML-N lawmakers from attending 15 sessions and the same is being heard in Lahore High Court.

The rules of procedure reportedly allow the barred PML-N members to exercise their right to vote. Khan has sought the opinion of legal experts on the looming no-trust motion, some reports suggest.

A day earlier (Dec 19), a delegation of PPP and PML-N submitted the motion against CM Elahi. According to them, political parties have lost their confidence in him as the Leader of the House.

In view of the motion, Governor Punjab has summoned the session on Wednesday (tomorrow) at 4pm.