'Despite Imran's Attempts, Army In No Mood To Begin Talks'

'Despite Imran's Attempts, Army In No Mood To Begin Talks'
The establishment doesn't intend to engage PTI chairman Imran Khan in talks in foreseeable future, says journalist Kamran Yousaf.

In his latest podcast, he said the establishment has a few lessons to learn from the project put into effect via 2018 general elections.

"After all that has recently happened, the current military leadership views the former premier as a spoiler and a disaster with an impact for the next 20 years," Yousaf said on Monday.

The analyst further said that this impression of Imran in the army is particularly important in the context of his recent remarks.

"In his latest statement, the PTI chief once again spoke about how he approached the COAS for talks, but to no avail."

"He also said his willingness for talks should not be confused with weakness because it is the situation of the country that has compelled him to seek an engagement," Yousaf added.

The analyst maintained that it is because of this lack of confidence that the establishment does not want talks with Imran Khan, at least for now.

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The ex-PM and the military have been at loggerheads since the May 9 riots that involved attacks on many sensitive government and military installations.

Riots broke out in multiple cities after PTI chairman Imran Khan was detained from court premises in the Al-Qadir Trust case.

The violence included an arson at Lahore Corps Commander’s House – also known as Jinnah House –  as the rioters vandalised the residence.

Following the attacks on sensitive installations, the army vowed to take the perpetrators and the planners to justice.

The government has also been vocal about the Imran's trial in a military court, saying he was the planner of the unprecedented unrest.

Defections also begun in the former ruling party in wake of the mayhem, with a large number of leaders parting ways with the former premier.