Ittefaq Nama

Ittefaq Nama
See, meray aziz humwatno, man proposes and God disposes.

Haw many times I have told to Mraan that be frightened of Allah, Allah say darr. Haw many times I have told his sponsors that Allah say darro. Only do that much cruelty that you yourself can suffer. Utna he zulm karo jitna seh sako. This Corona Virus will change many things, we will see. It is must that we will see. Hum dekhein gay, lazim hai kay hum bhi dekhain gay.

Why you think no political party is calling for finishing of NAB, hain ji? Because one day soon inshallah we will use it to get back at all these people.

Mraan, he wants silence of the graveyard by arresting MSR of Geo-Jang, leading media house of Pakistan. If it’s a graveyard he wants, it is a graveyard he will get. But what a badqismet ruler it is who presides over graveyards instead of laughing, school bag countries – hasta, busta mulk.

Meanwhile, Shbaz Saab and I are in self-isolation in London.

Self: Let us watch something on telly.

Shbaz Saab: lovely ancient history program. Look, how many bandages on Egyptian Mummy.

Self: Must’ve been terrible lorry accident. Number of lorry is also written. BC 2200. What is in fridge, Shbaz Saab?

Shbaz Saab: hopefully not Corona Virus, bhaijan.

Self: Please be quite. We are in Quatrine.

Shbaz Saab: Quatrine?

Self: It is Urdu translation of quarantine. You seem nervous.  Shbaz Saab. Didn’t you put on your gloves and mask when going out to get Paracetamol?

Shbaz Saab: Problem is, bhaijan, there was a queue at the chemists and there was a man in a turban in front of me coughing his guts out.

Self: I think so he might be Sikh.

Shbaz Saab: Gulp!

Self: He should have gone to the hospital. He may be turbanally ill.