Imran Seeks US Congresswoman Help To 'Create A Lot Of Noise Here' In Leaked Zoom Call

Imran Seeks US Congresswoman Help To 'Create A Lot Of Noise Here' In Leaked Zoom Call
PTI chairman sought US congresswoman, Maxine Moore Waters' help to highlight the 'unprecedented' crackdown against his party in the country, according to Imran Khan's leaked call, on Saturday.

The purported call begins with Imran explaining to Moore how his government was ousted in April last year.

“The ex-army chief conspired with those who are in power right now to topple my government,” he says in an apparent reference to Gen (retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa.

He then speaks about the assassination attempts, saying he received three bullets in the leg, which were actually meant for the torso.

"My government was removed by the ex-army chief," the PTI chief says in the alleged call.

On the current situation, he says, “It's probably one of the most critical times in our history...we have the most bizarre situation going on in this country.”

“The situation is…why is my life in danger, because [of] military establishment and the current [lot] that's in power.”

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"Maxine, it would be very helpful…if you could verify this by yourself. We have the worst crackdown in our history; no democratic party has ever had such a violation of their fundamental rights," he says.

"What we want from you is to simply find out by yourself. We would appreciate it because it goes a long way. When someone like you speaks out, it makes a lot of waves in our country," he concluded.

The former ruling party is facing a backlash over its May 9 vandalism of state and military installations.

Following Imran's arrest in the Al-Qadir case, the workers went on a rampage as they torched vehicles, scuffled with police, and vandalised state building.

The government and the military reacted strongly to the unrest, and said that those behind it will face prosecution and punishment.

The former premier later distanced himself from rioters, saying they have no association with the party.