New Book Addresses Breast Cancer, Love And Loss

New Book Addresses Breast Cancer, Love And Loss
On November 19, Lightstone Publishers released a new book, From My Wounded Heart With Love by Anja Caspary, a translation from German to English (the translator is Claudia Arnold). The launch took place in Karachi at the residence of Mr Farooq Hasan.

Ameena Saiyid OBE, S.I. MD, Lightstone Publishers introduced the Author, Anja Caspary, who participated in the event virtually from Germany, as well as Claudia Arnold who was present at the event.

From My Wounded Heart With Love is an open and honest personal narrative on love, amputated breasts, cancer and the loss of a loved one. In her autobiographical book, Anja Caspary writes on how life can continue when faced with losing her husband to illness just when she had beaten cancer after battling with its challenges and torments and how love transcends death. To quote her,

"I experienced with my own body that it is possible to get on with life in the worst of circumstances. Those who give up cheat themselves. Beautiful moments remain. "

Claudia Arnold has translated the book in its every nuance in beautiful prose befitting the inspiring story and conveying succinctly the mood and feelings of the author.

The book has been endorsed by Dr Azra Raza, Oncologist and Professor of Medicine at Columbia University, New York, Naila Mahmood, visual artist, photographer, writer and educator, and Nadeem F Paracha, author.

The guests present were welcomed by the host, Mr Farooq Hasan. The speakers were introduced by Ameena Saiyid. Anja Caspary spoke online from Germany followed by Reading from and Discussion on the book by Naila Mahmood, Rasha Tarek and Nadia Ghani.
Claudia Arnold and Ravi Mahmood read from the book and it was signed by Claudia Arnold.

A large number of guests were present.