Imran Has No Objection To Nawaz’s Return

Imran Has No Objection To Nawaz’s Return
Columnist Muzamal Suharwardy says former president Asif Ali Zardari was acquitted from the trial court based on the previous law and the case was decided on merit.

If the Supreme Court allows former Prime Minister Imran Khan to hold his political gathering at H-9 or Parade Ground, he will find it hard to do so and the decision will go against him.

The columnist went on to add that the PTI chairman can be given a schedule for the elections only if he scales the parliament or the stairs of the Supreme Court or stages a sit-in at Sharah-e-Dastoor or takes over Prime Minister’s House with his supporters, but he won’t get it through a sit-in at H-9.

According to Suharwardy, this is the reason why Imran Khan often quotes the developments in Sri Lanka; he wants a revolution that can end up with takeovers of president’s house and prime minister’s house.

Speaking at Naya Daur’s YouTube program Khabar say Aagay, he quoted Imran as saying that he has no objection on Nawaz Sharif’s possible return to Pakistan and that he will contest him in an election.

But yesterday, he added, Imran said he isn’t angry [at the suggested return] but that “Bajwa Sahib gets really angry [at it].” Both of these remarks are telling.

“I think Imran Khan is just attempting a bargain to avoid being disqualified and he knows that he can only do so until November because afterwards, this option will be gone as well,” Suharwardy maintained.

He also said that the reason Imran is filing a reference against chief election commissioner is to be able to file a plea with the Supreme Court to bar him from making a decision against him until the hearing of the reference.

The columnist termed PTI’s alliance with the MQM a mistake on the latter’s part because their vote-bank was being eaten up. Conversely, the Karachi-based party won’t be in trouble taking sides with the PDM parties.

“The appointment due in November will change the political scene of the country altogether and the ladla won’t be a ladla anymore, while Altaf Hussain may also be pardoned.”

Anchorperson Nadia Naqi shared that the PTI has built an impression as if the establishment will be bound to do what they want after their win in the by-polls. But the court’s decision to acquit Asif Ali Zardari sends a message: ‘not everything can be of your liking’.

Naqi added, “The promises made with the incumbent government are now being honored. It is all an act of course correction by the courts.”

She questioned if Imran Khan will face any action in the contempt of court case, saying there won’t likely be any against him.

“The powerful quarters intervene when there’s chaos resulting from a protest, such as in the case of Tehreek-e-Labbaik. But I don’t think PTI will have to take over parliament; their voters are charged and it won’t be easy to stop them once they are given a call,” the journalist commented.

Naqi also said that the PDM will find it hard to get votes with the current inflation. Nawaz’ return will empower PML-N’s vote-bank, but none of the PDM parties are using the methods being employed by Imran.

She further said that the appointment of Kamran Tessori in Sindh is aimed at eliminating any remains of the MQM and unconfirmed reports indicate major changes in Karachi’s politics following Nawaz’ return.

Court reporter Hassan Ayub Khan said all reports against Imran Khan in the contempt of court case go against him and the PTI being at fault is clear. It is now up to the judges to make a decision.

He opined that there will be no bargain with Imran in the Tosha Khana case. “I think he will be disqualified after November 3. He has admitted keeping the gifts and he targets the chief election commissioner on a daily basis.”

Sharing his views, program’s host Murtaza Solangi ruled out any reconciliation with Imran as well as their input in the appointment of the army chief. “Any speculation about this is baseless.”