Like Sadaqat Abbasi, Sheikh Rasheed 'Interviewed'

Journalist Asad Ali Toor claims Sheikh Rasheed was dragged to the offices of a local TV channel by officials in plain clothes

Like Sadaqat Abbasi, Sheikh Rasheed 'Interviewed'

Former federal interior minister and Awami Muslim League Chairman Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, who had been arrested from Rawalpindi a few weeks ago, was allegedly dragged into the offices of a local television channel where he was forced to give an interview with statements allegedly against former prime minister Imran Khan. The interview is likely to be aired soon, claimed journalist Asad Ali Toor.

However, Samaa Television anchor Muneeb Farooq, who was involved, refuted Toor's claims and his version of events but confirmed that the interview did take place.

In a vlog on Friday afternoon, Toor claimed that on Thursday evening, Ahmed was brought to studio of the television show host by officials in plain clothes, and the host was asked to interview Ahmed based on a prepared set of statements. 

When Ahmed refused to say something about Imran Khan, Toor claimed that his alleged escorts manhandled Ahmed.

Toor claimed that while the interview has been recorded, it has yet to be aired. 

He recalled how Sadaqat Abbasi was dragged into the offices of another local news channel, Dawn News, a few weeks ago, and his interview was recorded, only to be aired later.

Meanwhile, Muneeb Farooq in a tweet has disputed the claims made by Toor, stating that Toor was spreading lies.

Though, he confirmed that the interview had taken place with a short trailer suggesting that the interview was not conducted in the studios of a television channel but at what appears to be a private residence. The interview, he said, is due to be aired later today.

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