UN, US Need To Intervene In Palestine And Stop The Genocide: Achackzai

PkMAP holds rallies in Balochistan in favour of Palestinians, says past atrocities do not give Israel licence to target Palestinians

UN, US Need To Intervene In Palestine And Stop The Genocide: Achackzai

The United Nations and the United States should immediately intervene to stop the genocide of Palestinians, and Israel should not be allowed to play the victim.

This was stated by Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) Chairman Mahmood Khan Achakzai while addressing a large protest demonstration in Quetta against the Israeli bombardment and blockade of the Gaza Strip and the Israeli-occupied West Bank to express its solidarity with Palestinians. 

The demonstration in Quetta was part of a series of similar protest demonstrations held across the Pashto-speaking belt in the southwestern province. 

Achakzai said Israelites, who suffered spates of violence and persecution at different times in history, are involved in unleashing wanton violence and usurpation Palestinian lives and property.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he said, should learn his lesson from Afghanistan that no superpower neither could either obliterate Afghans or their spirit for freedom and independence.

If the Nazis could not eliminate the Jews through its systematic inhuman persecution (holocaust), how could Israel - under the leadership of Netanyahu - can exterminate the Palestinians with its bombs and air power, Achakzai maintained.

The past injustice and violence against the Jews does not give a license to the state of Israel to dispossess the Palestinians from their lands and eliminate them physically.

Achakzai reiterated his unequivocal support for an independent Palestinian State and called upon the United Nations and other world powers to resolve the issue on the principle of a two-state solution. However, the international community, especially the United Nations and America, first enforce peace. He added that America wields significant influence on Israel and that if it wanted, it could get it to halt the bombing of innocent Palestinians. 

The PkMAP chief regretted that if the UN and its vaunted security council cannot stop the ongoing genocide of Palestinians, then it poses a big question mark on the viability and credibility of the global body.

The veteran Pakhtun nationalist leader also expressed his disappointment at the role and response of the Muslim states and the Organisation of Islamic Conference.

He said that the bloodied and horrifying scenes from daily bombardments in Gaza and the West Bank only served to further ignite the emotions of not only the Muslim World but also the Western world. He said Israel should come to its senses before it is too late and the situation spirals out of control to engulf the entire Middle East.

Apart from Achakzai, other central and provincial leaders of PkMAP, including Abdurauf Lala,  Abdurahim Ziaratwal, Dr Hamid, Abdul Qahar Wadan and Kabir Afghan, were also present.