Indian Leader Promises Jobs, Perks For Hindu Men Who 'Trap Muslim Girls'

Indian Leader Promises Jobs, Perks For Hindu Men Who 'Trap Muslim Girls'
Hardline Indian leader Pramod Muthalik has urged young Indian men to lure "10 Muslim girls if we lose one Hindu girl", promising them employment and security in return.

Muthalik – chief of the nationalist party Sri Ram Sena – made the remarks while addressing a public event in Karnataka, Indian Express reported.

The politician alleged that thousands of Hindu girls were being "exploited in the name of love jihad", the belief that Muslims men seek to deceive and convert women belonging to the religion via marriage.

“We are aware of the situation. I would like to invite the youth here. If we lose one Hindu girl, we should trap 10 Muslim girls," he said.

He told the youth that if they did so, Sri Ram Sena will take their responsibility and provide every kind of security and employment.

“Our girls are exploited in love jihad. Across the country, thousands of girls are cheated in the name of love. We should warn them,” Muthalik claimed.

The report quoted the hardliner admitting making similar statements over 10 times, and saying that he would continue to do so to “protect Hindu women”.

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“I am not saying this because elections are around the corner. My statements have always been in the interest of Hindus.”

The publication further said that the comments received swift rebuke by political leaders, with the courts earlier rejecting the self-concocted “love jihad” conspiracy theory.

Journalist Mohammed Zubair reacted strongly to the provocative comments, and asked why Karnataka police hadn't taken any action yet against the politician, despite his admittance.

Further, author and activist Rahul Easwar asked the hardline leader to spare women out of his philosophy.

"Can we please spare our Hindu and Muslim sisters out of this??" he said. "And we males fight/debate these topics without ‘trapping/dragging in Indian woman."

It isn't clear as to when and if the authorities will take any action against the politician's publicly issued controversial remarks.