Aditya Roy To Launch His Own Music Album

Aditya Roy To Launch His Own Music Album
Aditya Roy Kapur will soon be launching his own music. Aditya, who became well-known for his role in the 2013 movie Aashiqui, has said that he will be beginning a new era in his life.

The Gumraah actor recently had several videos of him singing and playing the guitar go viral. As a result, he has made the decision to take a break from his hectic schedule and concentrate on music production.

He said in an interview with News 18 that he plays music and is now working on an album that he hopes to release shortly. "I've been working on that in the studio. I've always loved music and enjoyed playing it, but now I'm taking it more seriously."

He said, "It had been mentioned as a possibility, but it never fully materialized." Back when Aashiqui 2 was airing, Mohit (Suri, the filmmaker) and I spoke about it. Since I was portraying a singer in the movie, he wanted me to enter the studio merely to sing the songs and experience what it would be like to do so in real life."

The Ye Jawani Hai Deewani actor remembered how he continued to sing in the studio as The Night Manager was being recorded: "So, I went into the studio and sang the songs of Aashiqui full-on, no matter how bad I sounded."

"I think they put me on mute on their side of the studio, but I felt like I was singing on my side and got it out of my system."