The War On Gaza Has To End Now!

In a war launched as a reaction to Hamas' 7 October assault, more than 9,000 people have been killed in the ongoing strikes, according to health ministry in Gaza Strip.

The War On Gaza Has To End Now!

Gaza is synonymous with death, destruction, displacement, starvation, smallest coffins, humanitarian crisis, etc.Israeli authorities call children being massacred as little bombs.This is psychology of the occupier/land grabber.

Carrying the smallest coffins on shoulders is the most difficult.According to Save the Children International,3,195 children killed in Gaza in just three weeks has surpassed the annual number of children killed across the world's conflict zones since 2019.

The organization added that one child is killed every 10 minutes in Gaza right now.

Time is costing lives.We are calling for an immediate ceasefire.There is no safe place in Gaza. ‘Stop the war on children’, this call falls on deaf ears - not to mention the call for delivery of humanitarian aid as powerful western governments have alligned with Israel subsequently giving the nod for easure of Palestinians and their land.

This latest savagery unleased on Palestine especially the Gaza Strip demonstrates both double standards imbeded in global political order, and Netanyahu government and western complicity for such crimes committed against humanity.

The image of Gaza being bombed and the subsequent destruction resembles the pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Earlier, the World Food Programme (WFP) had warned that families in Gaza were on the brink of running out of food and water. 

Conscientious journalists continue to highlight horrors of war unleashed upon innocent Palestinians. 

The death of Iranian 22 -year old Masha Amini in a detention centre at the hands of Iran's so-called morality police also sparked angry protests. The Western powers that had raised hellfire over Masha Amini's death are now criminally silent over war crimes committed against armless Palestinians. 

Shaking the conscience of white feminists, the distinguished author Fatima Bhutto recently in response to a certain tweet tweeted that "But ask white feminists who -were cutting their hair for Iran where they stand on the genocide and Gaza and it's very awkward silence.” 

In a war launched as a reaction to Hamas' 7 October assault, more than 9,000 people have been killed in the ongoing strikes, according to the health ministry in Gaza.

According to the UN Children's Fund, more than 200 schools have been damaged-about 40% of the total number of schools in the Gaza Strip.

Human rights lawyer and top UN official Craig Mokhiber working on human rights, recently resigned having denounced breaching of international and humanitarian law by the UN and Western powers.

He minced no words and said that the two-state solution was no more sustainable solution as Palestinians have no rights are besieged.

Let us not forget that under international humanitarian law, schools, hospitals, aid warehouses and refugee camps are protected civilian entities and the humanitarian principles of distinction and proportionality must be taken into consideration during targeting.

Germany's flirtation with Israel over its fascist policies can be gauged that the award ceremony for the Palestinian author of "Minor Detail "was cancelled on the heels of war imposed on Palestine.

The book being discussed offers credible content into what Palestinians and historians refer to as the Nakba - crimes committed by Israelis in Palestine during the establishment of the state of Israel.

Germany must face its issues over Israel and the past.

Hanno Hauenstein wrote that: Support for Israel is seen as a prerequisite for a newly constructed, collective German identity. While a degree of sensitivity towards Israel seems understandable given Germany’s brutal antisemitic history, the issue has turned ever more problematic in recent years.

Palestinians, artists and curators from the so-called global south and left wing Israelis are regularly reprimanded, dismissed or cancelled for views on Israeli policies that are deemed unpalatable.

Visibly, given the slaughter of civilians, targeting hospitals, schools, ambulances, refugee camps and consequent humanitarian crises and shortage of life-saving kits, public opinion is changing in America and western capitals. 

However, the said governments stick to their guns suggesting that Palestinian lives do not matter for them. Israel attained rascality given American logistical, diplomatic, intelligence-based information and monetary support.

The country installed by British colonialism has the audacity to drop modern warfare on Palestine and is not willing for humanitarian pauses. It is hell- bent on reducing Gaza Strip to rubble. ‘I want my legs back’, says a Gaza child amputee. Will this shake conscience of America and European capitals that have put their political weight behind Israel unleashing barbarism? Just wait and watch.  

I leave behind scores of Jews so that posterity could realize the fascism of Jews; this statement is attributed to Hitler following a full-scale war declared upon Palestinian People. Muslim states are conspicuous for having no overwhelming public demonstrations that we have witnessed across the European states. This collective and moral failure on the part of Muslim World is nothing but callousness and utter indifference to Palestinians facing genocide. 

The writer is a freelance contributor. He may reached at Nazeer tweets at @nazeerarijo.