'Nobody Believes PTI Chairman Imran Khan Is Corrupt'

'Nobody Believes PTI Chairman Imran Khan Is Corrupt'
The Election Commission of Pakistan's (ECP's) disqualification of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Friday in the Toshakhana reference has polarised twitterati of note with some lapping up the verdict and others assailing it.

Notable among netizens was The Friday Times (TFT) Editor Najam Sethi who said how it did not require "rocket science" to predict the verdict. Sethi made the comments while quoting a tweet by journalist Farwa Waheed on how he had "predicted" the PTI chief's disqualification a month earlier.

Columnist Mehr Tarar said Imran "never was and never will be" corrupt. "They have tried to pin all kinds of evil on Imran Khan-rigging, pornography, foreign funding, treason, terrorism, contempt of court, blasphemy. When everything failed for being bogus, they're trying to accuse him of another thing he never was and never will be: financially corrupt."

Naya Daur executive editor Murtaza Solangi tweeted how the ruling had transformed "Imran Khan into naa-ehl (disqualified) Khan."

Singapore-based jewellery designer Sara Taseer, the daughter of slain Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer, said it stood "confirmed" that Pakistan was "managed" by "loonies". "Nobody in any country in the world believes  @ImranKhanPTI is corrupt. All this does is confirm that the country is managed backstage by loonies #Pakistan"

Journalist Syed Talat Hussain said Imran's disqualification was a "test" for the "revolution". Fawad (Chaudhry) and (Shahbaz) Gill had been spearheading it meanwhile, he said.

Actor Haroon Shahid invoked box office rage The Legend of Maula Jatt to attack Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) MPA Hina Butt who tweeted how Imran may have started the "tournament" but the party had "concluded" it. ""The Legend of Meow-na Butt Part II Coming Soon," he tweeted.