Oxford University Awards Nobel Laureate Malala With Prestigious Honorary Fellowship

Oxford University Awards Nobel Laureate Malala With Prestigious Honorary Fellowship
The Oxford Pakistan Programme (OPP) has announced that Malala Yousafzai, the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, was given a prestigious honorary fellowship by Oxford University's Linacre College.

Malala is the first Pakistani to have received the accolade. The co-founder of the Malala Fund is now on a list of notable individuals that also includes Nobel Prize laureate, Sir Paul Nurse and Dr. Frene Ginwala, the first Speaker of the National Assembly of the South African Parliament, who both received honorary fellowships from the college.

The 25-year-old advocate for women's education spoke during the ceremony, reminiscing about visiting her friends at Linacre College and praising the OPP's influence.

She proudly described how the OPP's vision had come true, changing students' lives and acting as a ray of hope for those studying in Pakistan.

Principal Dr. Nick Brown congratulated Malala on this historic day for Linacre College and herself, noting that "Malala is globally recognized for her extraordinary work in support of women's education, particularly for those from the least advantaged backgrounds."

The principal of the college emphasized that the awarding of an honorary fellowship to Malala, a steadfast supporter of the OPP, bolstered the already close ties between Linacre College and the OPP.

According to Dr Brown, the author of ‘I Am Malala’ was thrilled to join a college actively pursuing the same causes.

He discussed the founding of Linacre College and its dedication to diversity, noting that it was created to help students who couldn't afford to join colleges due to financial restraints.

Ziauddin Yousafzai, Malala's father, who was also present, expressed his happiness at his daughter's accomplishment.

"For my daughter to be recognized in this way is a great honor." "As a proud parent, I am overjoyed for Malala Yousafzai because I saw the excitement on her face when she was given the accolade. I am confident that she will take advantage of this chance to intensify her efforts and engage with others to address the issues preventing girls from having equal access to school," he added.

Dr Talha Jamal Pirzada, the co-founder of the OPP and fellow at Linacre College, gave a summary of the organization's actions over the previous year in advancing education and establishing cooperation between Oxford and Pakistan.

"For millions of Pakistani students hoping to pursue higher education at prestigious schools around the world, the OPP has grown into a beacon of hope," he continued.

"Let us recognize the transforming potential of education in forming people's lives, communities, and nations as we honor Malala's incredible accomplishments. In order to create a successful and just future for future generations, let's also reaffirm our dedication to funding young girls' and women's education, particularly in STEM fields," Dr. Pirzada stated.