Imran Reiterates Call For Elections Amid PTI Protest Outside Governor House

Imran Reiterates Call For Elections Amid PTI Protest Outside Governor House
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has reiterated his demand for free and fair elections in the country, as the party continues to hold a protest outside Punjab Governor’s House.

PTI workers gathered at the scene in an apparent attempt to bar Governor Baligh-ur-Rehman from de-notifying Chief Minister Pervez Elahi. They raised slogans against the governor and in support of the party's chief. All roads leading to Governor's House were blocked in view of the situation.

Addressing his supporters, Imran criticised the opposition's move to restrain him from exercising his "constitutional right" to dissolve Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assemblies.

He further said that the reason for the move was one: to escape from setting a date for the elections.

'One man's behind it all'

The former premier blamed 'one man's animosity' for 'suppressing' him and his party's workers. "Is it because we refused to accept the thieves that you imposed on us," he asked.

He maintained that the 'one man' was bent at destroying his party. "What more will you do to force us into accepting an imported government?"

According to Imran, the audio leaks were an attempt to blackmail the political party into submission.

Earlier today, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said that the Parvez Elahi had “constitutionally” ceased to be the chief minister of Punjab having skipped the vote of no-trust in the provincial assembly.

While speaking to the media in Lahore, the PML-N leader also said Elahi also was no longer in a position to dissolve Punjab Assembly, referring to PTI’s earlier announced plans for tomorrow.

On Wednesday, Governor Punjab Baleegh-ur-Rehman asked Elahi to seek the vote, but Speaker Sibtain Khan didn’t summon the session, declaring the ruling unconstitutional.

On Dec 19, a delegation of PPP and PML-N submitted the motion against Elahi., saying political parties have lost their confidence in him as the Leader of the House.

Analysts say CM Elahi could find it difficult to retain chief ministership amid the opposition’s move.

Elahi requires 180 votes to win the confidence of the House. Among 371 members, he may have the support of 180 members from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and 10 from Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid.

On the other hand, the ruling alliance in Punjab Assembly has the support of 190 lawmakers.