Just as well 

One of The Man of Steel’s stalwarts who became a guest of the state recently, had an interesting exchange with his NABbers. One of his inquisitors accused him and his party of not doing anything about the NAB law when they had a chance. “Just as well”, said The Man of Steel’s stalwart, “we’ve been through the mill. Now it’s your turn. We will turn these same laws on The Great Khan and his cohorts.”


The former head honcho of our Frontier regions, once regarded as a powerhouse within The Great Khan’s horde, was cribbing to friends the other day. He complained that The Great Khan didn’t give him the time of day, despite the fact that he was a senior Min, interfacing with The Boyz’s department. “Never mind”, he is rumoured to have said rhetorically, “my time will come”.

Someone then ratted on the Min, and told The Great Khan what he’d said. The latter then let rip in a meeting where the Min was present. Apparently, he spoke obliquely and said that he would not countenance criticism or threats and that he had had no compunctions in throwing out those “nearest to him”. He added that he wouldn’t hesitate in sacrificing anyone if he stood in his way.

Cover up

We hear The Great Khan got it into his head the other day, to try and get all women television anchors to “cover their heads”. He called his information team for a discussion on this issue and he was advised that the “cover up” was undoable. When the Khan continued to insist, his team informed him that there may be international repercussions from rights organisations. And a storm on social media, if not on the cowardly electronic media. The Great Khan backed off and dropped the subject.

Is it worth it?

When The Great Khan refused to go to Quetta to commiserate with the bereaved Hazaras, The Boyz had to read out the riot act to him. They also sent an advance party to persuade the Hazaras to bury their dead so that The Khan could visit them. Every day brings a new headache for The Boyz. Is it worth it?