National Assembly Declares HEC's Order Against Holi Unconstitutional

National Assembly Declares HEC's Order Against Holi Unconstitutional
National Assembly of Pakistan on Thursday declared HEC's order unconditional , in which it expressed objections on Holi festival celebration .

The footage of Holi festival celebration went viral and it drew both praise and criticism from various quarters. The netizens were also divided in their opinion about celebration of 'Holi' festival in education institutes.

The university administration remained in the middle of a controversy after pictures and videos from their Holi celebration were circulating on WhatsApp groups.

The parliamentarians sprung into action when Higher Education Commission issued an order barring all universities from festivals ‘incompatible with country’s identity, societal values’.

On it, the National Assembly has rejected the order of the Higher Education Commission, regarding a restriction on Holi celebrations at universities as unconstitutional.

In Thursday's proceedings, during the budget debate, Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf gave a ruling against the HEC order.

He clarified the Constitution allows all religions have full freedom to celebrate their festivals. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf further said Article 20 of the Constitution further explains this.

“This is a guarantee from the Constitution and it cannot be deviated from,” he mentioned. He further said prime minister has also taken notice of this matter. "Parliament will see further if any action has to be taken," he stated .
Minister for Education Rana Tanveer shard with the house the HEC had withdrawn its letter related to Holi festival. He was of the view that commission should not have written this letter.

He said, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had said everyone is free to worship as per their faiths. "My ministry had no knowledge of the letter," he said.

It may be noted here that the some Pakistani politicians including PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari were also seen participating in Holi festival in past.