'Bochan' Brings The Best Of South Punjab To Lahore

'Bochan' Brings The Best Of South Punjab To Lahore
Pakistan’s identity is perhaps best captured by its craft. Artisans around the country have held ancient techniques, patterns and skills in the cradle of their hands and passed them down from generation to generation. It is no wonder then so much of our craft has survived despite all the obstacles the country has faced.

On March 18, two women Fatima Abdullah and Norin Zafar opened their doors inviting Lahore to experience the beauty of embroideries from South Punjab.

Founders of the brand ‘Bochan’ they offered a collection of clothing adorned with the most beautiful and intricate embroidery in an array of colours.

"The word ‘Bochan’ means dupatta in Seraiki and it symbolises the tradition and culture of Pakistan,” said co-founder Fatima Abdullah.

Both Fatima and Norin they see Bochan as a means of creating economic opportunities for artisans based in rural South Punjab and creating a link between them and urban hubs such as Lahore.

“As Pakistan is going through an economic crisis, the purpose behind our brand ‘Bochan’ is simply to promote the craft, skills and embroideries and the hard work of the women in South Punjab," said Fatima.

"We are working towards employing women from different villages so that they can fulfil their basic needs of the family such as home, food, shelter, clothes, education and safe environment," added Fatima. Bochan’s first exhibition was held on March 18. More of their work can be seen at instagram.com/bochan_officiall