LADIESFUND, Bank Alfalah Hold Intensive Bootcamp For Women Entrepreneurs

This was the first boot camp and incubator for women-led start-ups with financing opportunities

LADIESFUND, Bank Alfalah Hold Intensive Bootcamp For Women Entrepreneurs

LADIESFUND and Bank Alfalah partner for Pakistan's first ever boot camp and incubator for women start-ups with financing.

#LFALFALAH Boot Camp Nurtures Women-led Startups through Unprecedented Support and Financing.

Karachi, Pakistan – Dawood Global Foundation’s LADIESFUND, in partnership with Bank Alfalah and with the invaluable support of State Bank of Pakistan, orchestrated an empowering 40 hour intensive training, the #LFALFALAH Boot Camp, dedicated to nurturing and uplifting women-led startups. The event, culminating in a graduation ceremony held on Sunday, November 19, 2023, marks a significant milestone in fostering the growth of aspiring female entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

LADIESFUND Empowering through Education and Financial Support with an intensive curriculum spanning a rigorous 40 credit hours, the boot camp provided comprehensive training and guidance essential for the success of budding women entrepreneurs. Furthermore, LADIESFUND facilitated the financing of incubatees through Bank Alfalah, leveraging the Women Empowerment Schemes and Youth Schemes by the State Bank of Pakistan, amplifying financial accessibility for these aspiring businesswomen.