Firebrand MPA Sharmila Faruqui Unfazed As Gram Post Attacking Pakistani Celebs Termed 'Imperfect'

Firebrand MPA Sharmila Faruqui Unfazed As Gram Post Attacking Pakistani Celebs Termed 'Imperfect'
Firebrand Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MPA Sharmila Faruqui on Thursday said she remained unfazed by those terming her recent Instagram post calling out Pakistani celebrities for heading to Canada in connection with an upcoming award show billed as a "spectacle" imperfect.

Speaking exclusively to The Friday Times -- Naya Daur, the PPP MPA likened the ensuing criticism to the ...three fingers point back adage. "I said what I had to say," Sharmila said. It's payback time, the PPP MPA said.

Sharmila, who has had her hands full with relief activities in flood-ravaged Thatta, said she had witnessed the 2010 floods unfold earlier too. The recent climate catastrophe, the MPA said, was unprecedented. "The mighty Indus has literally transformed into an ocean. Only water can be seen as far as the eye can see."

The PPP MPA said what was needed most from Pakistani celebs at this time was just their presence. "At a time when it is being attempted to draw global attention to the climate disaster, the least they could do was visit an affected district and empathise with those impacted." They have an enviable social media presence running into millions of followers. They are adored the world over. Pakistani talent courts fame worldwide. This is all because of Pakistan, she said.

In a country where it was customary for the neighbourhood to collectively mourn when tragedy struck, Sharmila questioned how the conscience of some allowed them to make a beeline for Canada as the nation reeled from unprecedented floods. The PPP MPA said she (still) only knew of singer Hadiqa Kiani striving to help those affected. "All that is primarily needed of the famous is their presence."

Sharmila laughed off the announced percentage donation of event proceeds for flood relief. "Why could the event simply not be postponed? Their consciences are dead," the PPP MPA said.

"Here is Angelina Jolie visiting our worst flood affected district Dadu, spreading love & hope, appealing to the international community to come for our help. In sharp contrast to this, our Pakistani shining stars are all in Toronto..." her Instagram post mentioned afore read. "Not a single one of them even bothered to visit any flood affected area or show any solidarity in cash or kind except for (singer) Hadiqa Kiani," she said. While expressing support for any initiative aimed at promoting Pakistani talent, Sharmila said it  would have been a great support if all of them had reached out to their fellow countrymen who had lost everything in the floods. "There is a time for everything, to celebrate , to mourn… we have a humanitarian crisis in our country, this is the time to stand by them, with them, to hold, support and love them. Each one of us has a responsibility towards our nation and it’s people who have given us so much," the PPP MPA said in the post that featured a collage of Jolie visiting those affected against Pakistani stars having what appeared to be a gala time in Canada.