TikTokers Not Banned From Public Parks: Mashwani

Focal Person to Punjab Chief Minister on Digital Media Azhar Mashwani has denied reports that the Punjab Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) banned entry of TikTokers from public parks.



“Fake News. No such decision taken so far by government. Currently TikTok is banned in Pakistan,” he posted on Twitter on Monday.

Earlier on Sunday, it was being reported in sections of electronic media that TikTokers had been barred from entering public parks in the wake of the Minar-e-Pakistan incident, in which a young woman was assaulted by more than 400 men on Independence Day. Reports of the ban surfaced on Sunday after a meeting of PHA officials earlier in Lahore. According to these reports, TikTokers were to seek permission from relevant PHA offices before entering public parks. It was also reported that the PHA was considering a ban on the entry of more than two men in public parks.

The reports of the ban were met by criticism on social media, with many saying that banning TikTokers from public parks was not a solution for the rampant harassment of women in public spaces.