Twitter Perturbed As Imran Khan Charged Under Anti-Terror Law

Twitter Perturbed As Imran Khan Charged Under Anti-Terror Law
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan was charged under anti-terror laws on Sunday for allegedly threatening state officials during a rally in Islamabad a day earlier.

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) also decided on Monday to initiate contempt proceedings against the former prime minister for threatening a woman judge. If Twitter is anything to go by as a barometer of the nation's mood, however, the string of developments has left many perturbed.

Investment banker Mir Mohammad Ali Khan said in a tweet: “As much as you [government] tried to suppress Imran Khan, Allah has increased his popularity. If you take any action [against Imran Khan], the nation will stand up and then you will not even find a place to run to London”.

Positing his take on the situation, journalist Cyril Almeida said: “There’s nothing wrong in what IK [Imran Khan] said, there is nothing wrong in what [Shahbaz] Gill said and there is nothing wrong in what Nawaz [Sharif] once used to say… enough of criminalising political rhetoric.”

“It is unprecedented in the recent history of Pakistan that a political leader is held in such high esteem by the people. It needs to sink in that the people have chosen him [Imran Khan] and attempts to cross the line will backfire,” Nahieda Awan, a user, said in a tweet.

“We will not sleep my brothers. We will stand up to support Imran Khan in Turkey, Pakistan, and even all over the world,” Turkey-based Ramazan İzol said in a tweet.