Long March Side Effects: BSO Voice Concerns Over Hostel Raids, Harassment And Arrest Of Baloch Students In ...

BSO states the targeting of ordinary students far removed from the protests implies a targeted violation of their national identity 

Long March Side Effects: BSO Voice Concerns Over Hostel Raids, Harassment And Arrest Of Baloch Students In Islamabad

With dozens of participants of the Baloch Long March still in detention despite court orders, concerns have been expressed at the expansion of the crackdown on Baloch-origin students who are studying in Islamabad but are far removed from the protests.

In a statement, the Baloch Students Organization (BSO) central spokesperson pointed to the raids conducted on educational institutions and private hostels in Islamabad, resulting in the arrest and harassment of resident Baloch students.

The BSO spokesperson said that the distressing situation extends beyond the protesters to the ordinary Baloch students who are residing in hostels and are far from the demonstration sites, implying a targeted violation of their national identity. 

The student organisation representative expressed concerns over reports that numerous students have gone missing, with some reportedly transferred to jails at undisclosed locations.

Highlighting the recent incidents of violence against peaceful protesters in Islamabad, the BSO spokesperson said that demonstrators who had participated in peaceful rallies in the federal capital were brutally targeted and subsequently arrested.

Shockingly, the detainees are now being subjected to physical abuse. Despite court orders, several protesters remain in custody. 

The spokesperson emphasised that the state's apparent unease with peaceful protests is causing a sense of fear and intimidation. 

Expressing deep concern, the spokesperson urged the Islamabad Police and other state agencies to cease the harassment of peaceful protesters and Baloch students immediately. They called for the immediate release of all Baloch detainees and a swift end to the transfer of Baloch prisoners to undisclosed jails. 

Additionally, the spokesperson predicted an escalation in the ongoing wave of protests in Balochistan if the authorities fail to address legitimate concerns promptly.

The Baloch Students Organization further stressed the need for a peaceful resolution to the situation, emphasising that dialogue and respect for human rights are essential for building trust between the government and the Baloch community. The organisation expressed apprehension regarding the well-being of detained Baloch students and protesters, urging authorities to ensure their safety and well-being.

Arshad Yousafzai is based in Karachi and mainly covers political parties, labour, education policy, science and research, minorities, and human rights for The News International