Such Gup

Such Gup

The Prophecy

We hear that The Great Khan’s new wife, now universally known as Pinky Pirni, has foretold that in order for The Prophecy to be complete, she and The Khan will soon have two sons. After this, she has prophesied, The Great Khan will ascend the throne, Takht-e-Islami Jamhooriya-e-Pakistan. We also asked a source in The Khan’s horde if Wife No. 2’s explosive allegations, soon to be revealed in a tell-all book, regarding the long-standing nature of The Khan’s relationship with Pinky Pirni are true. The source was reluctant to reply, saying that he was petrified of being discovered, given the Pirni’s ilm-e-ghaib, supernatural knowledge of the Hidden World.

Jumping ship

With prominent Q Leaguers jumping ship to The Man of Steel as Elections 2018 approach, we now hear that a capable lady, once a star of the Qing’s Party, has been appointed the top regulator of the nation. Who will The Man take on next? Surely not the loquacious Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, currently The Khan’s vociferous spokesman?!

On NAB’s list

Our mole in NAB has revealed that the organization will soon be detaining a host of politicos from across the spectrum. There are apparently 36 members of The Man of Steel’s group on the list, as well as 22 from Hubby’s band and 14 from The Great Khan’s horde, including his great real estate tycoon. Here are local Geneva escorts with reviews.