Barkhan Incident: Levies Force ‘Recover’ Mother, Five Kids In Late Night Operation

Barkhan Incident: Levies Force ‘Recover’ Mother, Five Kids In Late Night Operation

The Levies Quick Response Force has recovered a kidnapped woman named Giran Naz along with her five kids,  four sons, and a daughter, that was allegedly in the captivity of Minister Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran in the Barkhan district of Balochistan.

Khan Muhammad Marri, the man whose three family members were killed, had accused the minister of detaining his children in a "private jail."

The recovery of the missing family surfaced after protests broke out across the province, demanding the safe recovery of victims. However, the minister was also arrested by police on Wednesday night for his alleged involvement in the brutal murder.

According to Levies officials, Marri's wife, Giran Naz, who was presumed dead, along with her children named Farzana, Abdul Majeed, Abdul Ghaffar, Imran, and Abdul Sattar, were recovered during the search operations conducted last night.

Officials said that the Levies force conducted raids in three different districts as Marri's family was held captive at various locations. East Balochistan and South Punjab were the locations of the operations.

Levies officials said that kidnappers also tried to shift two abducted kids to Punjab, but their attempt was thwarted by Levies's force.

It is pertinent to mention here that no arrests were made in the operations.

Minster Khetran was arrested on Wednesday for his alleged involvement in the brutal murder of three people after bullet-riddled bodies were discovered in a well in the Barkhan district.

Protesters have staged sit-ins in response to the barbaric and inhumane incident over the last three days. Protesters demanded that an FIR be filed against Khetran, that he be fired from the ministry, and that captive family members be released.

Late Tuesday night, the police also raided the minister's residence for the recovery of Marri's five children.

After facing pressure from the public, human rights activists, and civil society, the police lodged an FIR against ‘unknown persons’ under Sections 34 (doing any act with the intention of causing harm to any person), 202 (Causing disappearance of evidence of the offense or giving false information to the screen offender), and 302 (qatl-i-amd) of the Pakistan Penal Code.