Ranveer Meets Malala, Asser Malik At NBC All Stars Weekend 2023

Ranveer Meets Malala, Asser Malik At NBC All Stars Weekend 2023
The NBA All Stars Weekend 2023 held in Utah brought together many movie stars, among others, but the event had something more for the Indian and Pakistani fans – Ranveer Singh and Malala Yousafzai.

In a photo posted online, the Bollywood star is seen taking a picture with the youngest Nobel laureate and her husband, Asser Malik.

Later, Malik said on Instagram, "All-Stars Weekend was an incredible experience. Being a basketball fan, watching LeBron James, Karim Abdul Jabbar and Karl Malone together was an unforgettable experience."

"Not to forget all the other unbelievable stars present," he said. "Also, impressed by my wife's handling of her heels on the court," he added.

Ben Affleck, Chris Tucker, Vin Diesel, Post Malone were some of the others names at the sports-celebrity event.

Last month, Malala joined an Oscar shortlisted documentary about a US Marine’s change of heart, as its executive producer.

Stranger at the Gate’ is about a US Marine, Richard “Mac” McKinney, who had initially planned to bomb a mosque, but ended up converting to Islam.

“When I first saw this film, it opened my mind and changed my perspective. I am honoured to support @JSeftel‘s Stranger at the Gate, a powerful true story about redemption,” she had said about the film.

The short-film has won accolades at several film festivals, and is on the road to win more in the future.

Suffering from PTSD, McKinney begin to plan on exploding a mosque in his hometown in Indiana. He begin to frequent the place of worship with an aim to gather information towards his plan.

But as time passed by, he was rather impressed by the kindness of the attendees and refugees present there.

He eventually had a change of heart by the Muslims, before abandoning his plan and converting to Islam.

McKinney is now not only a Muslim, he is also the president of the same mosque that he was planning to bomb.

“This film is a powerful true story of forgiveness and redemption,” Yousafzai was quoted as saying by Variety. “I hope the film challenges every viewer to question their assumptions and show kindness to everyone they meet.”