Tramway to Bohri Bazaar, Karachi (circa 1950)

Tramway to Bohri Bazaar, Karachi (circa 1950)
A tram on its way from Soldier Bazaar to Bohri Bazaar in Karachi in this photograph taken circa 1950. Opened in April 1885 and operated by the East India Tramway Company, the Karachi tramway ran on inverted U-shaped grooved-bridge rail with a four-foot gauge. The steam trams were replaced by horse-drawn ones in 1886, which in turn were replaced by petrol-driven trams in 1909.

The Mohamedali Tramways Company took control of the Karachi tramways in 1949, and continued to operate them until they were shut down in 1975.

Mr Isa Daudpota says the following about this photograph:

“I would walk from my house adjoining the St Lawrence School to Jamshed Road in front of the Soldier Bazaar which was the terminus of the trams. I would hop on when I wished to go to Sadar by paying perhaps Re 1 or at most Rs 2.

Seen in the picture in the background is the tower of Empress Market. The track stopped at Bohri Bazaar, before going that far. You were welcomed by the fragrance of desi perfumes (attars) as you went south into the Bazaar after alighting from the tram. Along with the attar shops were pan-wallahs.

The policeman in the picture faces east. On his right is Elphinstone Street, now called Zebunissa Streer.”